Life is Good

Other than having a close walk with God, no matter what you do with your life there is nothing that you can ever own or do or see or be that can ever mean as much as the folks who touch your life.

If you are really lucky (and believe me I have been one of the luckiest) you will have family that brings you great joy. If you are luckier still (and I have absolutely been so blessed) you will have friends who not only bring you joy but make you a better person by being a part of your life.

Never ever take for granted the pure joy of having people to love. Never hesitate to tell them so. If you love folks deeply there will likely come a time that their loss will bring you overwhelming sadness. Love them anyway. It will always be worth that pain and it is the only way to fill your life with love, laughter and real joy.

And if ever God seems far away � ask yourself this question - "who moved?"


Grandmother used to say, "If you don't think it's a great day, try missing one." and Steve Cesar often says - "of the ten best days of the year, this is definitely one of them" - I say make every day the best day � you will only get one chance to do it.

Love, Laugh, Live